Ensure Financial Integrity with Our Church Procedures Audit

Empower Your Congregation with Confidence in Financial Management

Are you seeking a cost-effective solution to bolster your congregation’s financial controls and procedures without the hefty price tag of traditional Audited Financial Statements from large Accounting Firms? Church Procedures Audit specializes in precisely this.

We understand that ensuring your congregation’s contributions are handled securely and transparently is paramount. That’s why we offer an alternative approach, concentrating on controls and procedures, to provide you peace of mind.

Our Unique Offering: A Comprehensive Financial Controls & Procedures Audit

Church Procedures Audit specializes in conducting thorough audits of your financial procedures and internal controls. Our expertise includes verifying income and expenses, meticulously reviewing and evaluating payroll, financial record keeping, endowment management, cash receipts, and cash disbursement policies and procedures.

Our tailored Financial Controls & Procedures Audit includes:

  • Audit of Cash Receipts Process: Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of cash transactions.
  • Audit of Cash Disbursement Process: Verifying transparent and accountable cash outflows.
  • Audit of Internal Controls and Segregation of Duties: Identifying potential areas for enhanced security and compliance.
  • Audit of Payroll Process: Categorization of employees vs. independent contractors, streamlining payroll procedures.
  • Audit of Fund Management: Ensuring compliance with the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA).
  • Written Evaluation & Recommendations: Detailed evaluation and actionable recommendations to enhance your financial procedures.

Are you ready to fortify your congregation’s financial procedures and controls? Gain the confidence and trust of your community through our specialized Church Procedures Audit. Contact us today to schedule a discussion and explore how our services can benefit your congregation.