About Church Procedures Audit

Mission: To secure resources for ministry through the establishment of Policies & Procedures that deter embezzlement, increase accountability, and provide healthy transition from one volunteer to the next.

We provide audits for churches, focused specifically on controls and procedures and provide feedback to assist each congregation improve their systems to ensure their resources are secure.  We also provide consulting to churches who wish to build quality individualized financial controls and procedures.

Meet The Team

Keith Clark-Hoyos is a dedicated individual known for his unwavering positivity and remarkable ability to guide and inspire within the realm of church leadership and administration. His life journey has been characterized by a deep commitment to personal and professional growth, a passion for teaching and coaching, and a profound love for nurturing individuals and organizations towards their highest potential.

A Journey Rooted in Growth and Transformation

Keith’s life story is a testament to his unrelenting pursuit of growth, both personally and professionally. He has consistently embraced challenges that stretch the boundaries of his knowledge, heart, and dedication. This quest for continuous improvement has led him to explore new horizons, whether within the church or in the world of entrepreneurship.

Dedicated Church Consultant and Trainer

In 2015, Keith made a pivotal decision to transition from his role as a church judicatory leader to venture into the entrepreneurial world. He founded a thriving consulting, coaching, training, and accounting business, focusing primarily on assisting churches and nonprofits across the nation. He later welcomed his wife as a partner, expanding the team to better serve their clients.

A Holistic Approach to Church Leadership

Beyond the consulting sphere, Keith is deeply invested in nurturing holistic well-being within the church community. He encourages and guides church leaders to embrace practices that enhance spiritual growth and overall well-being. Keith’s commitment to helping individuals and organizations tap into their spiritual potential drives every aspect of his work.

A Lifelong Dedication to Serving the Church

Throughout his life, Keith has been actively involved in service to the church community. He has held pivotal roles as a church judicatory leader, overseeing responsibilities related to finance, administration, and communications. Additionally, he has worked closely with congregations in challenging situations, providing essential guidance and support. Keith also brings valuable experience from his years in specialty retail management and contributions to various nonprofit boards.

Education and Academic Background

Keith Clark-Hoyos holds a Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership & Service from Claremont School of Theology. His undergraduate studies focused on Business Administration and Church Ministries at Simpson University. This diverse educational background equips him with a unique blend of skills and insights that he leverages in his multifaceted career.

Keith Clark-Hoyos’s life is a reflection of his unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth, service to the church, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. His ability to nurture understanding, his commitment to holistic church leadership, and his extensive experience make him a dynamic and influential figure in guiding churches towards impactful and effective ministry. Keith’s journey stands as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through a steadfast dedication to both personal and professional development.

Meet Zulima, a vibrant and compassionate professional with a strong passion for both people and precision. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores (2005) and a Master’s Degree in Senior Management from University Militar Nueva Granada. Zulima’s journey is adorned with certifications in Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Negotiation, and Training High-Performance Teams, alongside being a Six Sigma Green Belt.

Her professional experience encompasses roles as a Production Supervisor, Production Planner, and Master Scheduler for a multinational corporation based in Colombia and a Fortune Top 100 Company in the United States. Zulima has honed her expertise through diligent work and dedication in the intricate world of production and process management.

In the realm of community service, Zulima generously volunteers her time and knowledge to teach personal finance, business accounting, and basic business management to budding entrepreneurs. Through these endeavors, she equips them with a deeper understanding of government regulations and industry best practices.

Zulima’s enthusiasm for refining processes and enhancing team efficiency knows no bounds. Her adept skills in engineering, analysis, production, and process management, coupled with her authentic compassion, positive outlook, and sincere desire to serve, empower her to lead teams towards a path of enhanced effectiveness and productivity. Often sought after for her expertise, Zulima is a dedicated trainer and instructor in areas such as production, process improvement, safety, and new procedures. With a keen eye for performance and a gift for guiding groups towards their maximum potential, she continually elevates processes, morale, and overall productivity.